Tom Dwan Challenge many not Happen

Towards the end of last year, Tom “durrrr” Dwan made an irresistible challenge to some of the best poker players in the world.  He said that he would put up $1,500,000 to anyone’s $500,000 if they could beat him in limits of $200/$400 while playing 4 tables simultaneously over 50,000 hands.  Now durrrr is a great player, but there are plenty of top pros that would be interested in playing for $3 to every $1 they put up.   Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius, and David Benyamine are three of the pros that are up for the challenge.

However, there has already been talk that the challenge won’t happen after Dwan postponed his first match with Antonius because he said he was tired.  There is even more speculation that none of the matchups will happen since Dwan has been losing a lot of money lately on Full Tilt Poker.  Just the other day Dwan lost around $1 million to Phil Ivey in a non-challenge session while playing Pot Limit Omaha.  In one hand, Ivey was able to take $270,000 away from Dwan after he hit a nut straight.

Nobody is sure just how big Dwan’s bankroll is, but it has already been said that he’s lost about $3 million over the last few months.  And if he keeps losing like this, then it’s tough to say whether or not durrrr will want to carry on with challenging three of the world’s best poker pros in heads-up play.  Especially when he is putting up $4.5 million to their $1.5 million.  In my opinion, I don’t think there is anyway that he will come out on top in this scenario since he would have to win all three matches to do so.  If he loses just one then he will be down $1.5 million and the best he can do is win $1 million of it back.

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