High Stakes Poker Season 5: Episode 4

 Well I think everyone knows already that this is my favourite TV show, not just Poker show, but  TV in general. High Stakes Poker (HSP) on GSN is about as good as it gets for a cash game junkie like myself. All you tournament guy can save your emails, yes I like watching tournaments too be you and I both know that cash games are where the excitement is.

I really hope that there is no one reading this that doesn’t know about HSP yet, I mean we are into Season 5 now, but if there is you need to quickly open another tab in your browser and go over to youtube, and then search the GSN videos section and fire it up. The show airs every Sunday night and I am like a kid on his way to the candy store after my MMA class gets out. I literally run out the door and head home with visions of chip stacks and check raises in my head.

I quickly fire up some food and check to see in the latest episode has been uploaded to youtube yet, thankfully the guys at GSN have been getting this done faster and faster every episode it seems. I load up the episode and tease myself for a while as I finish up dinner and play a little on Full Tilt Poker before I have a quick shower and head off to bed.

On goes the head phones as I click on the play button and get the pillows all fluffed up properly.

“I’m all in….” goes the intro music.

The commentary is done by Gabe Kaplan and AJ Benza and is added after the fact, it can sometimes add good humour to the show, and others it’s just annoying banter, but for people not really familiar to expressions like “props” and such, they can help the beginner understand what is going on in the game sometimes.

At present we have Tom Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, David Benyamine, Doyle Brunson, Eli Elezra, Peter Eastgate, Barry Greenstein and Zigmund Sahamies sitting at the table.

Minimum buyin for the game is $200,000 and the stakes started at $400/$800 bet have since been bumped up a bit to $500/$1,000

The first few episodes have been fairly interesting with a few hands that have been discussed by the armchair poker pros around the intrawebs on the poker forums.

-Peter Eastgate plays a hand against Tom Dwan and doesn’t raise Dwan when he has a set with top kicker.

-Dwan bluffs both Barry Greenstein and Peter Eastgate out of a hand with BG holding AA and Eastgate with trips. After the hand players were commenting on who had the best of it and Dwan immediately told everyone that Eastgate had the best hand. Bets are laid on this one and I won’t spoil it for you as to who the winner was, but it’s good for the game. This is 4th and 5th level poker here.

-Daniel again loses to quads, this time I think he may have been able to play the hand better, he was really getting cooler’d in some of the earlier shows, but on this one he really made a bad play imo.

-Barry “math is idiotic” Greenstein plays back at Dwan’s Aces. Bad play by Barry.

Besides that:

I’ve been really impressed by durrrr’s play so far, I thought he was reading the table well and making some good adjustments throughout, ie. not trying to bluff Doyle and DB on the flush hand when every bone in his body was telling him to take the shot.

Eli is just good for the show, I don’t care if he isn’t the best player, I want him at the table, he is fun for me to watch.

Ziggy is playing bad, not sure why, but his play is really weak right now and he isn’t reading players well

Daniel seems to be playing scared poker and I don’t blame him, the coolers he’s taken would wreck a guy for years, why make good reads if you can’t follow them up? I think he needs to sit down with himself and have the discussion that when he does make a read, he follows it up, that includes folding.

I really wish this show was a year round taping, but I guess that might not make it as special in the long run, I doubt it though.


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