Facebook lures People with Hold’em

It’s no secret that Texas Hold’em is the most popular card game in the world.  People love the fact that you can win quick money and beat the game over a long period of time.  And it appears as if the social networking giant Facebook has recognized the power of Texas Hold’em since they are using the game to bolster their membership base.

Facebook already has over 200 million people that have signed up for their site.  But by using Texas Hold’em, Facebook has been able to draw several million other people into its database and keep existing members entertained.  Currently, 11 million users play Texas Hold’em on Facebook and that number is growing more and more by the day.

Facebook Texas Hold’em outranks other games on the networking site by millions since the closest competitor is Pet Society with 9 million users.  On Pet Society, people log in every day to take care of a fictional pet that the user creates them self.

I find it really interesting that Texas Hold’em would be so big on Facebook since there are hundreds of online poker sites out there offering free rooms.  I personally have never tried Facebook’s version of Texas Hold’em, but I assume there must be something special about it if 11 million people are playing it.  It could be that Texas Hold’em on Facebook allows users to interact with each other differently or more personably than traditional online poker rooms.  Maybe some day I’ll get on Facebook and download the software for Texas Hold’em.

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