Pros Complain about WPT Foxwoods

It isn’t often that you hear professional poker players publicly bashing an event - especially when it’s a World Poker Tour Event!  And, with the exception of the European Poker Tour, the WPT is the most respected year-round poker organization in the world.  But pro poker players had no trouble bashing the WPT’s most recent event known as the Foxwoods Poker Classic.

As if the shrinking numbers don’t suggest how bad the event is (last year’s field of 346 players shrank down to 259 players), people have been publicly complaining about how much WPT Foxwoods blows.  Daniel Negreanu was one of the big names who didn’t play in the tournament this year because he thinks the tournament’s tax policy is ridiculous.  He also thinks that the timing of the tourney is bad too since it runs around the same time as the online SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker) event at PokerStars as well as the preliminaries for the prestigious WPT Chamipionship at the Bellagio.

Will “The Thrill” Faila is another pro that has criticized the Foxwoods tournament as he said, “The tournament sucks. The structure sucks, the tournament’s bad.  Even the satellites haven’t been as good as they normally would be.”  He also hated the fact that the staff told him he couldn’t talk during a game when the rules clearly say that you can.  Amnon Filippi also agreed the tourney is bad by saying that it’s held in the middle of nowhere and the staff is weak.

I find it interesting how so many pros dislike this event and that they’d voice their opinion to the media.  However, I also think that this could create an advantage for others since the big stars don’t want to show up.

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