Relevancy of Doyle Brunson’s Super System

The other day I was at a friend’s apartment who happens to play online poker professionally and noticed that he was trying to balance his chair with a book.  The chair had lost one of its wheels so it was off-centered, but my friend had placed a Doyle Brunson’s Super System book underneath the missing wheel to keep it on track.  As you can imagine, the Super System book wasn’t exactly in the best shape since it was being used to balance the chair.

I asked him why he was using Doyle Brunson’s Super System to balance the chair and he said, “That’s about all it’s good for.”  Next I asked him if he found anything useful in it still to which he replied, “It’s got some decent basic stuff.”  This whole conversation and episode got me thinking about whether or not Super System still has much relevancy in today’s poker game.

When Super System came out in 1979, it was monumental to poker players since no decent poker strategy books had been written at that time.  Sure there were books, but the knowledge contained in them was so bad that it was laughable.  High profile poker personalities such as Mike Caro, Chip Reese, Bobby Baldwin, Joey Hawthorne, and David Sklansky all collaborated with Brunson to make the book the masterpiece it turned out to be.

And while it may be a masterpiece, I feel that the poker world has definitely passed by the information contained in Super System.  Sure you can read through all of Super System and learn more than 60% of the other poker players out there (since most of them can’t finish any strategy book), but you’d be hard-pressed to beat the players that actually make money today.

Poker has evolved in such a way that advice from the late 1970’s is not going to get you by the young player of today that shove constantly and play very aggressively.  And while it may be a classic, maybe Super System is better suited for holding up broken chairs.

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