Satellite Tournaments

As the WSOP will be starting up really soon most of the poker sites have a bunch of Satellite Tournaments going on to win your way into the Main Event or one of the many others.

If you don’t know, a satellite tournament is one that has a lower entry fee and the winner would get a entry into a higher event. Many of the players that play in the $10,000 main event at the WSOP for instance don’t buy in the $10,000, but rather win a ten person SNG for $1,000 each or a bigger field tournament for an even smaller amount.

I’ve played in a bunch of the FTOPS tournaments on Full Tilt Poker and for the most part have just cashed out the ticket when I have won an event and kept trying to win others.

Well that ends now.

I finally won a ticket to the next round in the Full Tilt points tournament that gets you into the $750,000 guaranteed.

I mentioned before that my friend the Mouth has won a couple of these but I have never managed to get to first on one of these. As a session of playing cash games will get me enough points to for an entry into at least one of the lower tournaments now, either the 20 or 50 FTP levels, I try and play at least one of these while I play cash games.

You need to take first place in these to move on, no small feat for sure as there are 54 or 180 players depending on the entry level. I’ve been knocked out from the final table a number of times, often with some really gross hands but that’s the way the cookie crumbles I guess.

I finally managed to make it all the way though. Got to the final table on the short stack and somehow managed to get heads up with a 9,000 to 70,000 chip disadvantage and still win it.

Now I need to finish in the top 100 of the next tournament to win my ticket to the $750k guaranteed on Saturday. This would be my biggest tournament by far and needless to say any type of cash would be a huge boost to my bankroll. A little card luck would be nice here and I think I have improved my game enough to get into the cash here as long as I don’t run into any two outers.

Will report back later about how things go


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