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Pros Complain about WPT Foxwoods

It isn’t often that you hear professional poker players publicly bashing an event - especially when it’s a World Poker Tour Event!  And, with the exception of the European Poker Tour, the WPT is the most respected year-round poker organization in the world.  But pro poker players had no trouble bashing the WPT’s most recent event known as the Foxwoods Poker Classic.

As if the shrinking numbers don’t suggest how bad the event is (last year’s field of 346 players shrank down to 259 players), people have been publicly complaining about how much WPT Foxwoods blows.  Daniel Negreanu was one of the big names who didn’t play in the tournament this year because he thinks the tournament’s tax policy is ridiculous.  He also thinks that the timing of the tourney is bad too since it runs around the same time as the online SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker) event at PokerStars as well as the preliminaries for the prestigious WPT Chamipionship at the Bellagio.

Will “The Thrill” Faila is another pro that has criticized the Foxwoods tournament as he said, “The tournament sucks. The structure sucks, the tournament’s bad.  Even the satellites haven’t been as good as they normally would be.”  He also hated the fact that the staff told him he couldn’t talk during a game when the rules clearly say that you can.  Amnon Filippi also agreed the tourney is bad by saying that it’s held in the middle of nowhere and the staff is weak.

I find it interesting how so many pros dislike this event and that they’d voice their opinion to the media.  However, I also think that this could create an advantage for others since the big stars don’t want to show up.

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High Stakes Poker Season 5: Episode 6

I believe that I have already publicly declared my love for this show on many occasions as this is about as close to perfect as poker gets to me on the small screen.

There really is everything, tale talk, history, bluffing, prop bets, huge suck outs and some really creative ways to play hands.

There are only a few people in the world that play this kind of deep stack poker really, with blinds of $500/$1,000 you really need to have your game together to pull up a chair and start stacking chips. The 20 buyin rule would suggest you have around a $4 million dollar poker bankroll to properly sit in a game this big. That alone would keep even a lot of the best players in the world away from the game.

 The other limiting factor is cohones. Yeah I said it, you need a big set of brass ones to get into a game this big. Not everyone can do it, even if you have the cash.

When you talk to the top pros they will tell you that you need to think in terms of chips and not money to play at stakes like that. I wonder if they felt the same way I did as they moved up levels. I certainly have had a hard time adjusting to the stakes as they get higher in both the home game and online. I played like a little girl the other day as I moved up to the next level online even though I have way above the bankroll to play at the game. I guess it is just that I am so used to seeing a certain dollar value that I always think that the best are so more imposing at the new level.

The brings us to the hand of the night from Episode 6, which was so dubbed the durrrrstein war by Gabe and AJ.

If you have been following along at home you will know that earlier in the season durrrr had his aces cracked by Barry when Greenstein picked the wrong time to push back at Dwan and got lucky to hit his two pair, then go on to make a kind of goofy speech that “math is idiotic” for all the “kids on the Internet” gee thanks Barry.

So the table is set, the appetizer is served and here comes the main course.

It starts with Peter Eastgate picking up AK and raising it to $3,500

Barry picks up AA and pops it up to $15,000

Dwan has KQ of spades and calls, and so does Peter making the pot $47,500

Flop comes 42Q with the 42 of spades, giving Dwan top pair and a flush draw, thats a pretty good flop for durrrr and he makes it $28,700 to see if anyone else likes the flop.

Eastgate folds and Barry raises it up to $100,000 all day.

Dwan thinks for a while and pops that up to $244,600

Barry come over the top to $436,100 and durrrr calls making the pot $919,600

Now the odds of each player winning here are 50/50 a coin toss really, I have a hard enough time shipping my money in the middle when I know I am ahead for fear of getting sucked out, can you imagine doing it with almost half a million dollars?

Anyways, I won’t spoil the ending for you because it doesn’t really matter for this story, the real point is that you have to play the odds and play the hands like you only had a Starbucks coffee worth of money in front of you or you are never going to be a winner in this game. You need respect for money, but you can’t play scared.

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Prop Bets already released for WSOP

It’s getting closer and closer to the end of May and we all know that means World Series of Poker time!  But in case you’re not already aware of that fact, there are plenty of online poker sites that have been reminding people by offering lots of WSOP prize packages.  Bodog is offering those too, but they also have something even more unique than that in the form of prop bets.  Bodog has already released their prop bets for the upcoming 2009 WSOP and they are definitely interesting to say the least. 

If you’ve ever wanted to put money on whether or not Phil Hellmuth will win a bracelet then now is your chance since Bodog is offering +300 for wagering “yes” and -500 for wagering “no”.  If Hellmuth doesn’t win a bracelet then both Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan have a chance to tie him by winning their 11th bracelet. 

The seemingly most popular bet on the table is which player will take home the most money during the WSOP.  Among the players you can bet on are Phil Hellmuth 5:2, Doyle Brunson 7:2, Barry Greenstein 5:1, Mike Caro 12:1, Phil Gordon 10:1, T.J. Cloutier 6:1, and Daniel Negrreanu at 3:1 odds.

If you’d like, you can even place a wager on which game will be played when the final hand is dealt in the H.O.R.S.E. championship.  The available games are Hold’em, Razz, Omaha HiLo, Seven Card Stud, and Seven Card Stud HiLo.  Plenty of other prop bets are being offered too so it’s just a matter of looking at which ones interest you the most and laying the money down.

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Washington is still Unsafe for Poker Players

The state of Washington must not have a whole lot of things to worry about since one of their top priorities seems to be keeping people from legally playing online poker.  In fact, it is actually a felony in Washington which is pretty baffling since that ranks it up there with actual criminal acts.  Fortunately, there have been enough people lately who have been trying to speak out on behalf of online poker and get this ridiculous law changed. 

Just recently, legalizing online poker was a big subject in Washington again as 70 online poker players protested outside a King County Superior Court while a decision was being made.  The sad thing is that the superior court rejected a bill which would make Internet gambling within the state’s boundaries legal again and there is little hope for the future too.

Of course, the Poker Players Alliance and others within Washington state are not giving up on the matter and they are looking to take their fight to the US Supreme Court.  And honestly, this is probably their only option for getting online poker legalized in the state of Washington since government officials there seem dead set on keeping it a felony as long as possible.

I still can’t believe that Washington would put playing online poker in the same class as armed robbery, rape, and murder.  Obviously it’s not as severe a felony as the aforementioned things, but it is a felony nonetheless.  And if you’d get caught playing online poker multiple times then you could be in for some major trouble!  Hopefully something gets done soon in this state since I’m sure there are plenty of people who’d like to play poker in Washington at some point in their lives.

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