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Pros Complain about WPT Foxwoods

It isn’t often that you hear professional poker players publicly bashing an event - especially when it’s a World Poker Tour Event!  And, with the exception of the European Poker Tour, the WPT is the most respected year-round poker organization in the world.  But pro poker players had no trouble bashing the WPT’s most recent event known as the Foxwoods Poker Classic.

As if the shrinking numbers don’t suggest how bad the event is (last year’s field of 346 players shrank down to 259 players), people have been publicly complaining about how much WPT Foxwoods blows.  Daniel Negreanu was one of the big names who didn’t play in the tournament this year because he thinks the tournament’s tax policy is ridiculous.  He also thinks that the timing of the tourney is bad too since it runs around the same time as the online SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker) event at PokerStars as well as the preliminaries for the prestigious WPT Chamipionship at the Bellagio.

Will “The Thrill” Faila is another pro that has criticized the Foxwoods tournament as he said, “The tournament sucks. The structure sucks, the tournament’s bad.  Even the satellites haven’t been as good as they normally would be.”  He also hated the fact that the staff told him he couldn’t talk during a game when the rules clearly say that you can.  Amnon Filippi also agreed the tourney is bad by saying that it’s held in the middle of nowhere and the staff is weak.

I find it interesting how so many pros dislike this event and that they’d voice their opinion to the media.  However, I also think that this could create an advantage for others since the big stars don’t want to show up.

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durrrr Challenge update: Full Tilt Poker


The ultimate prop bet, the durrrr Challenge is live right now on Full Tilt Poker. When I checked last night before heading off to bed, Patrick Antonious and Tom “durrrr” Dwan had played just a bit over 5,000 hands, 10% of the 50,000 hands the challenge is over and the pendulum had swung the other way to have Patrick up on durrrr by about $160,000.

Now many player would think, WOW! $160,000! But people that are familiar to the game know that amount isn’t all that much.

For those of you that don’t know what the hell I’m talking about here is a quick breakdown.

durrrr issued a challenge to anyone except his friend Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond to play him heads up

He is laying 3-1, $1,500,000 if you win, $500,000 to him if you lose, that over the course of 50,000 hands he will be up on you in cash. I fyou are up you keeo the cash you’ve won plus get the juice of the prop bet.

Games are No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha High

Stakes are a minimum of $200/$400 blinds

There are a bunch of other rules regarding buyins and stack sizes that I won’t bore you with, but it’s safe to say you need a pretty healthy bankroll to play the game. I’ll have to win a few more freerolls before I can throw my hat in the ring.

Patrick Antonious, Phil Ivey and David Benyamine have all accepted the challenge with Patrick taking first crack at winning the prop.

durrrr and Patrick are playing Pot Limit Omaha on 4 tables

As of right now, only $18,000 separates the two with over $31,000,000 total wagered in that time, it’s no uncommon to see single pots topping $150,000

There are special tables set up at Full Tilt Poker for the challenge, you can check then out here if you want, you will need a Full Tilt Poker account to watch them live though.


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Poker Player has been Arrested for Murdering Parents

Last year, I remember doing an article on all of the questionable players in attendance at the WSOP.  The point of the article was to make the WSOP seem like a back-alley poker club where everyone at the event was some kind of thug or criminal.  But in the end, the author could only point out a handful of people out of the 50,000+ in attendance that had shady pasts.  When looking at the rest of the world, that’s really pretty normal.

However, the author of the article did happen to mention one person by the name of Ernie Scherer III who was a “person of interest” in the murder case of his parents.  Obviously this didn’t mean a whole lot back then because being a person of interest could mean just about anything.  But this simple phrase suddenly means a whole lot more now that Scherer has been arrested on a murder warrant for the beating deaths of his parents.

The 30 year-old pro player was previously a person of interest because he had owed his parents quite a bit of money and wasn’t paying up.  Many people around the poker community defended Scherer and said that he couldn’t hurt a fly, much less murder his parents.  However, there’s no defending him now as it appears he will stand trial for his parents’ murder.  Currently, Scherer is sitting in a Las Vegas jail cell without bail and awaits his trial date.

This is a very tragic story on many levels and will no doubt cause some negative publicity for the game of poker itself.  Poker is already fighting its reputation as a form of gambling and adding a murder to the mix won’t help matters much.  But, in the end, I think poker will be able to move past this tragedy.

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A Rush of Poker Player Signings

The economy is currently struggling in many parts of the world, but you’d never know it based on all of the recent poker signings that have been going on.  Several rooms have been very active over the past couple of weeks trying to sign as many top level players as they can in an effort to have the best of the best representing them.

Betfair Poker is the latest online poker room to join this wave of signings as they recently landed Danish pro Peter “Zupp” Jepsen.  Apparently, Betfair’s strategy in the race to secure talented and upcoming players is to find young and successful online players that have the potential to do well in the land-based tourneys as well.  This is evident from the other players they have such as online and land-based superstar Annette Obrestad.

Full Tilt Poker is another room that has been active now in signing players as they recently signed Denmark’s Soren Kongsgaard and Sweden’s Michael Tureniec.  As the second largest room in the world behind PokerStars, Full Tilt has lots of money to spend and they seem apt to do it by adding as much pro talent as possible in as many different regions as they can.  This was evident when they also signed Joao Barbosa of Portugal in an attempt to be the only room targeting the growing Portuguese market.

Of course Full Tilt isn’t the only place making moves since the biggest recent signing has to belong to when they made a splash by signing Jamie Gold to their roster.   Gold has the largest tournament cash in history after winning the 2006 WSOP Main Event and remains a big name despite his lack of tourney success in the post-victory years.

With all of these recent poker signings, it will be interesting to see if the trend keeps up or if this is just a big rush that happened all at once.

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