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Originally Posted by Takethepot25
There is alot of people with different views on who the best tournament style poker player is. My response ( ARE YOU KIDDING ME)

The best tournament poker player is without any doubt Phil Ivey. I mean have you seen the guy he's ridiculous. He wins pots in ways i didn't even know you could. He is a great bluffer. He manages his stack very well making sure he is always up big. If u want proof just look at him on TV. He almost always is hiding behind a giant stack of chips. He is my favorite player and i try to model my game off of him. When I go to the World Series of Poker this upcoming year I'm going to see if he will give me some lessons. Look for him to win 2 bracelets next year.
Phil is good but I still like Johnie Chan and Scotty Nyguen, I think they are getting some bracelets this year, With all the new faces its going to be hard for some of these old faces to keep stacking the bracelets like the old days!!!!!
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