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Old 06-20-06, 11:32 AM
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Default What would you do?

8 handed table in the 3rd level. You have already doubled your starting stack and you are at T23000 ish in chips. The blinds are 300-600 giving you an M of 25.555555555 (you get the point) The table is very wild and most pots are 6 handed preflop with lots of action.

You are in the BB with Kh 3h, 300-600 are the levels. UTG limps and we get calls from the next 3 players, the 4th makes it 1800 to go and we get a call from player on the right of the SB. Button folds and it is to you in the BB. There is now 6600 in the pot and UTG still left to act giving your implied odds at 7800 in the pot, you are getting 6.5 to 1 to call and so you do. UTG tosses a monkey wrench into the mix however. She raises to T3000 after limpingACES anyone? All folds back around to you in the BB facing another 3000 to call for a 9600 pot that will be 12600 if ypu do, still laying you 4.2 to 1 on your money. You think real long about it and finally made the call regardless of all the signs indicating that the UTG has AA. YOU HAVE K HEARTS 3 HEARTS
The Flop comes 3s8h10h and you check to the raiser. She makes it 3000 to play pot is now 15600 leaving you with 18200 left if you call and the UTG raiser has about 23000 more left behind here (your table had had 5 knockouts before the 3rd level and she did 3 of them) You think real hard about your action here.


I will give the answer when I have 5 responses. Make them good!
FEAR ME! I am DeadMoney. [url][/url]
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