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Laurie 09-13-06 05:48 PM

Speaking of Jamie Gold...
Now that I'm watching the WSOP on ESPN - What do you think of him and his play? Its down to 27 now and he is being featured more on T.V. now. I'm sorry but this guy doesn't impress me. Maybe because he's a kid. Maybe because I now know who the winner is. Just a thought.

iceberg 09-14-06 04:56 AM

I have a copy of the final table play. It's a hand-by-hand chronicle of their play. Gold certainly gets a lot of nice hands to play. Plus he personally eliminated 7oo8 of his opponents on the final table.

I've also seen that online, where the CL seems to win all his races even with mediocre cards. Catching trips, straights or flushes. Moneymaker probably had the same kind of Mojo going for him in 2003.

I wonder how Gold's legal proceedings are going?

iceberg 09-15-06 05:10 AM

Judge freezes half of World Series of Poker winnings

Sep 6, 2006 10:28 AM CDT

Oops, I answered my own question. See article below:

He bluffed his way to the top at the World Series of Poker, but for now, he'll only get half of the $12 million jackpot.

We've been telling you about the lawsuit against winner Jamie Gold. Gold is being sued by a man who claims Gold agreed to split the money with him.

Tuesday, a judge froze half of the prize, which means Gold can spend $6 million. The rest will be put on hold until after the lawsuit.

Gold beat more than 8,700 players to win the World Series of Poker last month.

madmax155 09-17-06 07:47 PM

even though you people say that the guy must have had horseshoes to win, and that the cards were perfect to allow him to weave through 8700 players avoiding the knocked out punch that so many of the best like ivey, hellmuth, lederer and chan fell victim has to be somewhat an understatement of this great feat he has accomplished.I believe he will manage to obtain the same star status as joe hachem even though he is nearly as much fun to watch and doesnt really have the apppearance for being in the spotlight. The question may come up wheather he can contend ona regular basis at professional poker tourneys such as the wpt and wsop. He should have more top finished than a moneymaker, but dont count on another title any time soon as most wsop main event title winners are cinderella storys such as our good friend jamie.

KPRS1 09-18-06 02:41 AM

Everytime i go to bodog his pic is doing my head in think im just jelous it is him and not me.

But why should he worry half of $12m he will make that back up in no time endorsing some stupid products soon.

dovla 09-18-06 06:26 AM

if he made an agreement with somebody that he will give half of his winnings in exchange for something (i really didn't understood what that "something" was) he made really good deal before WSOP started because he thought that half of his winnings there (or on any tourney with 8000+ players) will be 1/2 of 0$ which is 0$.. now when he did unbelivable thing winning 12 mill$ why it's that hard to lay down 6mill$ ? i'm relatively new in poker world so i never heard of Jamie Gold before this WSOP - i watched some of his hand analysis from WSOP here in forum and as i saw he won every coin flip hand (or 3-1) hands when he moved.. but he made his huge stack early and could call that hands without worry of losing too much..

Acorn89 09-19-06 06:56 PM

Im watching the coverage of the main event right now and I have to say that I am not a big fan of the TV Jamie Gold. I really dont like the way he talks at the table and the way he acts while hes in a hand. Im sure that he a really nice person away from the cameras but I really dont the coverage of him on ESPN

Thinkerbell 09-20-06 10:34 AM

I haven't seen all of the tourney yet, but what I have seen is Gold getting a lot of great starting hands and then improving them with the flop. Not to say it's all been luck, because it certainly takes more than luck to get that far. But what I've just seen is Gold starting to get mediocre hands (or no hands at all) and still playing like he's got monster hands. I think sometimes when player does have great cards just falling for him, he may not realize or believe when the roll is over. This can make for big losses. You can keep going for a few hands on the momemtum you've built up--you've been legitimately winning so many hands that everybody is just folding every time you bet. But that only lasts so long, until another player who has a hand will call you out on it.
I feel qualified to comment on this because I have been the chip leader so often in past games, and ended up nowhere because I didn't adjust my play quickly enough to changing conditions. I think Gold maybe in this boat, mainly due to lack of experience.

TriptreysNJ 09-20-06 07:37 PM

I only got to see one episode of Gold playing, it was with 2 tables left playing until they reached the final table.....and its just insane how many good hands he got dealt, not only did he have the chip lead, but he couldnt lose any pots he entered. Granted, they probably dont show many hands he lost, but in a way, I have to give him credit for playing they way he did, I mean, he did WIN the MAIN EVENT with more that 8,000 people in it. Yes, he got great cards towards the end, but he played them pretty well in my opinion. but actually, i did see one hand that he got schooled my Cunningham, that practically made me fall out of my chair laughing. When he got beat with his flush to the NUT flush of cunningham....that shows you right there, how much Cunningham is better than Gold...just they way allen played the hand....sucked gold right in....

truushot 09-20-06 07:58 PM

I haven't seen the final table yet but he really didn't show any skill. He was a card rack that just couldn't lose the hands that they showed. I guarentee he'll never get even close to winning another tournament.

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