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Old 02-20-06, 06:48 AM
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Default Why you should ALWAYS have the Allin button off...

8AM $10 Freezeout on Titan, only 79 entered. Third hand I get UTG+1. I raised to 4x the BB and got 4 callers. I figured I was down/going to lose but flop is . I check, checks around. The turn is , so I figure somebody hit. I bet 160, an underbet. All call and we see the river .Flush card and another over, but this was a slow hand and I bet 40 more than the pot. UTG+3 folds, UTG+4 minimum raises and the button goes allin. I get all my chips in the middle and UTG+4 calls our allins. This gave me around 4.6k in chips, putting me into 3 of 73.

I'm busy planning my vacation on Expedia (Nassau in the Bahamas!) and my table starts blinking. When I go to bring it back up, I accidentally hit the allin button with . The reraiser from the 66 hand calls my allin, he still has a lot of chips from a big pot on the first hand. If I lose I have 700 left. He turns over and I'm in shock that he actually called my allin. As soon as he called I said SH!T I DIDNT MEAN TO DO THIS. He said "O well that's poker," like he thought he was ahead or something. I flopped Ks, He turned+rivered trip Qs.

I went cold with only a couple hundred in chips left and didn't get close to ITM. I felt that this was going to be a final table run, especially with another double up here. I didn't mean to push, so this is more of an anti-allin button rant than a bad beat...but Q10 with runner-runner??
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Old 02-20-06, 07:56 AM
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track1697 track1697 is offline
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Ouch. It amazes me what people will call with. Sometimes it can work out to your advantage when they call with junk like Q-10. Other times they hit their straight, flush or trips and your left shaking your head.

I did the accidental all-in twice yesterday when I was playing in a $5 MTT and the $100 Million Freeroll Qualifer where the other table flashes back when I'm trying to do something at the other table and I end up going all-in when I didn't mean too. Lucky for me I had A-Q and actually ended up doubling up the 1st time and then the 2nd time I believe I had 6-6 and everyone ended up folding to me and I got some blinds. I got very lucky I actually had hands and ened up winning on them.

I also had a couple of times where I was trying to fold in the one tournament and the other one flashes back and I end up folding in that one. Though I ended up making both final tables (with fields of 300+ and 500+) I think I'm going to try to make myself just to do one tourney at a time. I'll probably find out that I'm not as good when I really just concentrate on one table though...
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Old 02-20-06, 09:34 AM
hayden1009 hayden1009 is offline
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I did it yesterday myself ..although I was about to fold when the guy next to me goes all in with 3800 chips and this created a big all in button which I hit by think ya know I give him half my stack.
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