Poker Terminology


A hand that will be completed if the player catches a specific card. For example, if you held: A(H) 9(H), and the flop came 7(H) J(C) K(H), you would have a Flush Draw, in that you need one more Heart to complete your flush.


Drawing Dead

A situation where no card, no matter how beneficial to your hand, will not give you the top hand at the table. For example:

You hold: 10(C) Q (C)
Your opponent holds: A(C) 7(C)

The Flop comes: 9(S) 4(C) 3(C)
The Turn is: A(D)

At this point, no matter what card comes down on the Flop, your opponent has you beat. If a Q comes and you pair your Qs, you will be beat by your opponents’ As. If a (C) comes, your Q high flush will be beat by your opponents A high flush. Because you are already beat, you are said to be Drawing Dead.


Early Position

A player is in early position when they are among the first to act in a betting round at a table with many players.


Family Pot

A family pot occurs when every (or almost every) player at a poker table calls the opening bet.


Flat Call

When a player simply calls a bet, in a situation where they might be expected to raise.



The Flop is the set of three community cards dealt in a Texas Hold’em Game. These cards are displayed after the initial round of betting, and before displaying, the top card of the deck is burnt.



A flush is a 5 card poker hand in which all cards are of the same suit, but not in consecutive order (as this would be a straight flush). This is the 5th highest ranking standard poker hand.



At any point during a game, when the action reaches a player they may fold their hand, ending their participation in that game, and forfeiting any chips they may have bet.


Free Card

A free card occurs in Texas Hold’em, when during a round of betting, no bets are placed as all players check the hand. In this case the community card is being displayed without forcing any player to wager chips, and is called a Free Card.



A tournament in which the winner takes all; play continues until one player has all of the chips in play.


Heads Up

Heads up play occurs in Poker when only two players are competing in a hand.


High Hand

A hand with no pair or higher, named based on the highest ranking card, for example Ace High.


Hole Cards

Cards that are dealt face down and are for the exclusive use of the player to whom they are dealt. In Texas Hold’em these are the two cards that are dealt to each player during the initial dealout.



In gambling, the house represents the casino or the bank; for example, the House may take a percentage of a pot (known as a rake).



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