Poker Terminology

Off Suit

Cards that are of different suits. In hold’em this term is generally used when describing your hole cards, for example a hand of J(H) 9(S) would be called a “Jack-Nine Off Suit”



A form of Poker, similar to Texas Hold’em, where each player receives four hole cards and a board of five community cards is dealt. Each players’ hand must be composed of exactly 2 of their hole cards, and exactly 3 of the community cards.


Out Draw

When a victory in a hand occurs by a player drawing the cards needed to win with a hand that would be considered an underdog or unfavoured to win.



Outs are remaining cards in a deck that will improve your hand. Outs are critical when an opponent displays a hand that is ahead of yours, at which point you must consider which “Outs” will save your hand.



A term generally used in Texas Hold’em or Omaha Poker, if you hold a pair and a higher pair exists based on a card displayed on the board, that higher ranking card is considered an Overcard. There may be more than one Overcard in a given hand, and the more Overcards showing, the more likely your hand can be beat. For example:

If you held 10(S) 10(D), your hand would be fairly strong before the flop, but suppose the flop came:

A(C) K(C) 4(H)

There are now an Ace and King showing, both larger ranking than your 10s. These are overcards and undermine the strength of your hand.



Any set of exactly two cards of identical rank.



An opponent who rarely makes an aggressive play or raise, generally only calling or checking. The opposite of Aggressive play.


Picked Off

(To get Picked Off) To be called by an opponent when bluffing.



Refers to the cards you are dealt face down. In Hold’em, the initial two cards dealt to you are your pocket cards.


Pocket Rockets

To be dealt two A’s as your hole cards, as this is the best possible hand available at the point of initial dealout.



A term used to describe a player’s relative order of acting. A player termed “In Position” is someone who is generally in a favourable position to act, usually towards the end of the action. See also early and late position, referring to those first and last to act in a round of betting.



The Pot is the sum of all the wagers tendered by all players at the table in a given hand; it is the amount that will go to the winner of that hand.


Pot Limit

A type of Poker game in which there is a maximum total value for the Pot of a given hand; that is to say that any wagers that would cause the Pot to exceed this predetermined limit will not be allowed.



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