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Full Tilt Poker - Few websites in the Poker industry have created as much of a buzz as Full Tilt Poker. Headed by an all star cast, including big names such as Phil Ivey and Howard Lederer, and boasting an incredible 10 million to anyone who wins the World Series of Poker, the hype is understandable! With all the excitement surrounding Full Tilt Poker, I wanted to find out if this site had the substance to back up the hype; here are my impressions.


This site impressed me right from the get-go- the homepage has a very clean, classy look that’s not super flashy, but definitely attracts the eye. The menu, located on top, is very simple and easy to navigate, and there are no annoying pop-ups or cheesy revolving screens. The features in the menu are pretty standard, with the exception of one section which features tips from the Pros that make up the Full Tilt Poker Team, which is very cool. Another unique feature is the interactive tour of the site, which allows you to preview before downloading. The menu is well thought out and delivers all the essential information in an accessible and attractive package. Great, on to the tables then!


Full Tilt’s software download is fast, and the Install Wizard is easy to use, although not exceptionally so. After the download is complete, the registration screen comes up. Full Tilt requires email confirmation to register, which is a minor inconvenience, however this is required to play for real money anywhere, and it only takes seconds so it’s not a big hassle for anyone to do. The game play and graphics are very modern and appealing- the vivid colours and user-selected avatar make the table play nicer to look at than most other sites. Play is speedy and simple to control, and the lobby menu is good as any other.


Full Tilt Poker also offers good bonuses for new players. While this would be a great site on the strength of its’ basic features alone, what really makes Full Tilt stand out is the promotions and incentives. Without a doubt, the $10 million incentive for a qualifier who wins WSOP is a huge draw- this is a tough promotion to compete with, and it will draw in more than a few customers for Full Tilt.


As you may have gathered, I really liked this site. Between the tips from established professionals, tasteful layout and graphics, easy menu, quick download, and enormous incentives, it’s an easy site to like. The only minor flaw is that email confirmation is required to play at the play money tables, but that’s a very minor drawback on an awesome site!

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down
  HUGE incentives!
Pro Tips
Nice graphics, with avatar for user
Great menu, clean look on homepage
Quick download, good software
Interactive tour shows everything you need to know
Good support and referrals, lots of payment options
Email confirmation required


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