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Hollywood Poker - As the home site of World Poker Tour host Vince Van Patten, I was expecting Hollywood Poker to be a very strong site. With such strong competition from a multitude of rivals, Hollywood Poker would have to excel to run at the front of this industry.


My experience at Hollywood Poker started off in the right direction; the homepage is nice, and leads into an easy-to-use menu, with lots of useful sections. All the standard pages are quickly accessed, and Hollywood Poker has some really helpful instructional pages. Everything is explained very concisely, which allows the impressive visuals to be accompanied with accessibility for newcomers. The whole experience is user friendly with a great section on tournament rules, and an extensive poker glossary. After scanning the main pages, I decided it was time to get down to business, and initiated the software download.


The download for Hollywood Poker is, like most online sites, quick and easy. No hassles at all really, just a couple of clicks and you’re ready to play. Once this is completed, you’re in the lobby ready to pick a table. Seasoned online players will recognize the lobby layout; it is a mirror of PokerRoom.


The duplicity between sites isn’t a bad thing however; I had a few good things to say about PokerRooms game play and graphics, and those all hold true for Hollywood Poker. The graphics are crisp and attractive, and the gameplay is expedient and functional. The game moves at a reasonable clip, and the colour scheme is classy, but not too flashy. This software is visibly the same as Poker Rooms’, however some of the cool features on Poker Room are absent; for example you do not have the option of clicking on an opponent and taking down notes about them. This is too bad, because the look of Hollywood Poker is nicer, and adding the extra features from its software sibling would have made this site even nicer. All the big games are there and the population was pretty strong, which made for a very good overall gameplay experience.


The tournament situation at Hollywood is also pretty good; there are lots of satellites and generally lots of tournaments running most of the time. There are lots of themed tournaments, and the site claims 3 freerolls per week, which isn’t hugely impressive, but free is free. The frequency of tournaments appears to be fairly strong, however the raw value totals seem a bit behind the industry leaders.


Overall, Hollywood Poker is a great site. Granted- it doesn’t have huge pots like some of the very top sites, and a Poker news section would be nice. However, the beginner sections are some of the best on the internet, and the gameplay is very good.


Add a strong population and good tournament schedules, and you have a site that’s definitely worth a visit.

  Thumbs Up Thumbs Down
  » Good gameplay
» Great instructional pages for beginners
» Nice graphics
» Lots of tournaments
» No news section
» Respectable tournament pots, but fall behind the industry leaders

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