Inter Poker



My quest for the best online poker sites has brought me to InterPoker. With the standard for Poker sites being raised on a seemingly hourly basis, I wanted to see if InterPoker has what it takes to compete in this industry; here are my impressions.


InterPoker’s site begins with a nice homepage, the layout is simple and easy to use. All of the requisite links are there, and there is a good section on how to play the various games that InterPoker offers. There is also a very useful section for new players on the deposit and withdrawl procedures. My only real complaint about this part of the site is the annoying pop-ups; while they are for InterPoker and not 3rd parties, I still hate seeing pop-ups when I log onto a site.

Moving on to the download, it’s a pretty small file so everything goes easily. InterPoker also offers the option of sending you a CD free of charge, if you prefer not to download the software which is a nice option. The download and installation go easily, and the registration process is considerably less arduous than with most sites.


Once this is done, it’s off to the lobby and time to play. There is a wide variety of tables and stakes available on InterPoker, which makes it easy to pick how you want to play. The population of players also seemed reasonably good while I was on. However, to be blunt, the gameplay is not as nice as many other sites; Interpoker uses very basic graphics, and no player images are visible. Frankly the whole experience is a bit uninspiring. The visuals are unimpressive, and the game doesn’t move as fast as some of the competition. Also the gameplay itself is very basic; there are no additional or uncommon features.


Despite the average game play, InterPoker makes up some ground with it’s selection of tournaments and creative promotions. They offer an impressive 145 WSOP seats available during tournament play, and there is a wide variety of cash tournaments available. Other interesting promos include the “Bad Beat” jackpot, and “Royal Flush Bonus”. Also of note, InterPoker players can even get paid to play online- literally. To balance games and get games rolling, InterPoker will offer players the chance to collect an hourly wage while playing games, which is very cool.


Overall, this would be a really good site if there weren’t better ones out there. I’ve been spoiled by clean attractive graphics and unconditionally free freeroll tournaments, so this site probably got a worse review than it deserved. It is a good site, and InterPoker does offer some very cool and unique promotions.

  Thumbs Up Thumbs Down
  » Great explanation of Payment options
» Nice tournament variety
» Innovative promotions
» Very easy to use
» Lackluster gameplay
» Boring graphics
» Nothing really stands out

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