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Poker Champs - As a huge Gus Hansen fan, I was really looking forward to checking out Poker Champs. Gus is a founding partner of the upstart site, and I was hopeful that he could put together a site to compete with other Poker stars’ sites, such as the collaboration on the excellent Full Tilt Poker site. Here are my impressions.


Poker Champs scores points right away with their homepage. After seeing so many sites without it, I was in awe when I finally saw a homepage that has WSOP news!


All Poker sites should have this feature as most players are Poker enthusiasts. On top of this revelation, Poker Champs has a nice looking homepage- the links are accessible and complete, and the overall look is classy and attractive.


After reading the “message from Gus”, I initiated the download of Poker Champs’ software. It’s quick and easy, and has the easiest registration process I’ve ever seen. Very quick install and it gets you playing as fast as possible.


After this is complete, you have the choice of screen sizes for your Poker game; this is a nice feature for players running older or brand new machines, as they can go with a smaller or larger than usual screen to best suit their equipment. The lobby has a high-tech look to it, and there is a decent amount of action to be had.


The graphics and gameplay are both very solid on this site. The look of the table is decent, and while it does lack the detail of some other sites, it does have a look of sophistication. I prefer to have characters and detail, but this is as nice as a site without them can look. The gameplay itself is very good, as it moves quite quickly. There is a Notes section, and even a quick menu right at the table that can be expanded or collapsed.


One area where this site shines is promotions and tournaments. An extensive tournament schedule is complimented by a very attractive affiliate program; Poker Champs deposits weekly into your account when you refer players, and you collect a percentage of the rake they contribute. It’s a very lucrative system if you can recruit your friends!


Overall Gus and friends have put together a top notch site. While I do prefer better graphics, this is Gus’s site and he says he likes it better this way, so I have to respect that. Everything else is first rate, and I liked this site a lot.

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down
  » Poker news!
» Very good gameplay
» Lots of tournaments/players
» Very good incentive program
» Graphics not outstanding


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