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Default When to Bluff and How

Doyle Brunson says that one of the keys in NL poker is never get you money in when you are drawing dead. These are considered horrible bluffs such as a stone cold bluff in a multi way pot with one player already in. You gain nothing from this and run the risks of losing your stack to someone that might really have a hand.

Who What Where When and How. These rules will help you in every aspect of your poker life.

The Who.
Who is it I am bluffing? Bluffing a poor player is never going to work...period ever. Poor players simple do not know when to run and hide and when to call this is why they are poor players. You also cant get away with it if the person you are bluffing is a solid rock type player. Chances are they in the hand with the nuts are extremely close to it. The type you can and should bluff against is the passive tight style of player that is regularly folding hands to re-raises and is playing very timid poker.

Once you have the Who down you need to know the What

The What.
What is it you are bluffing with and what is it that you are risking and what is it that you have to gain? I will never put in a bluff that will end my night unless I am sure that I will get the lay down. The hands I tend to bluff with are the BIG drawing hands such as the open- ended Straight draw and the flush draw when I have 17 outs on the flop with 2 cards to come for a 68% favorite to any thing under a made straight. I never make this bluff to a paired board because only callers with sets are going to pay me off and then I run the risk of losing both of my draws to a full house. It is still a drawing hand after all even though you are a favorite.

The second bluff I like to make is the mid pair with open ended straight. This comes when you have caught with your suited connectors and suited gap cards. 10-9 / 9-8 /6-5 and some of my favorites 6-4 / 7-5 / 8-6 and you catch a low ragged flop with maybe one over card like J 5 6 with your hole cards being 86 or 69. I only make this bluff against players I hav