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Old 08-22-06, 09:36 AM
burea1124 burea1124 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 25
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Default How you can fold high pair against a paired board

I was the 2nd chip leader and in dealer position.
I raised to 4x BB with AK. Both the tight small blind and the loose aggressive big blind (the chip leader) called.

the Flop was 7 7 A

Both of them checked. and I bet the pot. The small blind folded And the loose aggressive guy raised me minimum. I called.

the Turn was a 8. Then he bet all-in. I called and he flipped J7s. I was drawing almost dead to his trips.

Can anyone tell me what my thinking process should have been?

I thought wow, I haven' raised preflop a lot so he should expect that I have the aces. However, there was also a chance that he had Ace little or middle, or think that I was bluffing since I made a pretty big bet post flop. He had been bluffing constantly, and I didn't give respect to his bets.

How do you get away from this kind of hand?

Also, I definitely admit that I made the mistake of not raising enough preflop with AK against a LAG. I've now learned the hard way that against those who don't respect my raises, I have to raise a lot bigger with premium hands like AK.
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Old 08-22-06, 10:34 AM
sunnypoker sunnypoker is offline
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: UK
Posts: 72
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depending on the size of the bet really, that would decide whether you have to call or not.

ignoring the bet size, LAGs usually know not to play big pot without a big hand, especially out of position.
of course the stage in the tourney also makes it important, and he'd likely make bluffs later on in the tourney than early.

but i don't think i would hav egotten away anyways, despite thinking he had the 7, cuz i'm not good enough

as for thinking of raising larger preflop. uh... no.
you have AK, it's a good hand and you want to play flops with that, especially with the button.

raising big would very likely make them fold and your not getting any value for a strong hand.

besides, raising from the button also help you disguise the strength of your hand as you could be button stealing.
4x is fine. i'd be very happy to play a LAG in position with AK.
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Old 08-22-06, 01:23 PM
godlikev godlikev is offline
Chip Leader
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Campulung
Posts: 273
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i think u;re raise of 4*bb was big enough for a hand like ak(but i am a tight player) so maybe if u are aggresive u can raise more...when u saw a the flop 77A i think u had to do a bet pot like u did...i think ure mistake was on turn..why move..u could do a bet to check out the guy..if he raised (and he was a bluffer) i think he had nothing..if he called...then u had to know u were in problem(seems to me like the best way to check out somone;s hand).so i guess an all in is to much..all in is for premium hands or when u raise and try to scare people away
that is just my opinion.

also we could really apreciate some tourney/stack/ blinds details more complete
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Old 08-22-06, 02:56 PM
burea1124 burea1124 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 25
BBP Points: 0

no he moved all-in on me. I couldn't do anything but fold or call.

blinds were really small, really early in the tournament (with only top two getting paid) ... I basically lost all my chips in the first 10 minutes bc of this.

Maybe even though I had Aces, I should have let it go, since it was so early and going broke with one pair is really one of the worst things you can do.

I disagree a little bit that 4x BB was fine. He was in BB so he only had to commit 3 more BB to see the flop. I've had a lot of situations where I raise 4x BB with AQ or AK, loose guys calling with crap and drawing out on me.

I'm thinking next time, against a LAG in SB or BB who is likely to call my 4x in this situation, I wanna raise more to get information.
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