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Old 12-02-05, 09:22 AM
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Default Over betting the Pot.

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I started playing NO Limit years ago was that I would over bet the pot when I had the huge advantage. This is still an issue I have even after 7 years of playing NLHE. This is also one of the biggest killers for new players to the game and ends up costing them some serious bucks in the long run.

Here is an example of what I am talking about.

You are on the button in a $1-$2 NL game. UTG made it a min.raise and one other caller before it gets to you. You are looking at KT of Diamonds, sot a great hand to play with but with it being a multi-way pot you decided to limp in. Both the blinds decided to come along for the ride as well. 5 ppl in and a $10 pot. The flop comes 7s 8d 9d giving you an up and down straight draw and a flush draw both of which WILL NOT BE THE NUTS IF THEY HIT (barring the Ace of Diamonds on turn or river) SB checks it as well as BB but the UTG raiser who showed strength pre-flop follows through on the flop with a pot size bet bringing action to you with the fold of the in between player. With his preflop and flop bet you have to but him on an over pair to the board. I wont give him credit for the TJ that would make the straight because UTG raise with that hand is insane (still could happen at this lower level but not likely) I will just call in this spot for the pot size bet, any reraise on this is going to prompt him to move all in on you and that is a bet that could end your night. My reasons behind the smooth call (something I will almost never do) are simple, I am the favorite to win the hand and I want Mr. BigBet in the hand. There is only one hand that I fear at this point and that is the KK because if I do pair my king I am almost certainly dead. I have 8 outs for the straight and 9 outs for the flush 68% to improve I am not counting the 6 outs for the remaining Ks or 10s. Turn comes 6s completing my Straight draw. He bets out a pot size bet again, this is where many players go wrong and push the action with the all in. Granted you might get the call but if you run him off you are guaranteed never to get the call. There are 2 flushes on the board and a straight. You are ahead of everything but a flush and you know that it has not completed yet. YOU WANT HIM IN THE POT WITH ANY OVER PAIR!!! Do not run this player off by tipping your hand to him. He leads for a $20 bet and this is the time for a good raise but not an all in. You make it 2x his back at him to get value he will have to call her due to pot-size and because of the board can not make a re-raise all in but if he does you own him. Only thing you fear is the board paring now. He calls your re-raise smooth and the turn brings a diamond improving you best case it is the Ace of diamonds and might make him a set worse case it is a diamond that fits into the straight draw on the board because it would be a 6 or 7 pairing the board. Now is the time to nail him for the pot and reraise his action. Problem is he is going to have to check it with the flush and the straight on the board even with the AAA hand. You need to hold your wad here. Jamming the pot all in is going to cost you value and force him to fold all but the one hand he could call with. I would make the 1/3 pot-size bet here if he checks it and get the value bet and if he opens the bet I would double him right off the bat for the value because once again pushing all in might prompt him to fold. YOU WANT THIS HAND TO GO TO SHOWDOWN.

The key in No-Limit is getting the most value for your hand. Since most hands are decided pre-flop or on the flop you need to take advantage of the hands you get that extend past that point. Dont run your money off by blowing your wad like you did on prom night! Once you can learn to control your bets when you are ahead and learn to get value for your hands when you make them you will see you pots get bigger along with your bankroll. Stop jamming all in when you flop a set. You only gets these 1 0ut of every 7 times you make a move with a mid pair so get value from them when you do. Push the bet just dont push your callers away. The average winning hand in NL is 2- pair so when you hit your sets straights and flushes dint run off the $$$$$$.
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